Dumpling Heaven at Gamegol Mandu in Seoul's Namdaemun Market

I confess - I am an addict. I am addicted to dumplings. No matter the cuisine, country or city I yearn for Korean Mandu, Polish Pierogies, Chinese Bao, Spanish Empanadas, Vietnamese Egg Rolls, Japanese Gyoza, Filipino Lumpia, Indian Samosas, and the list goes on. So, when I saw a queue forming out front of what appeared to be a dumpling stand on a recent roam through Seoul's Namdaemun Market, my lustful dumpling senses began to tingle. Upon further inspection, I learned that this was no dumpling stand, but rather, a full-blown Korean dumpling operation. Gamegol Mandu churns out tray after tray of plump steamed dumplings, in either a spicy or regular variety. The dumplings have a pleasingly chewy dough exterior, savory pork, veggie and noodle filling, and a salty, acidic dipping sauce making for a umami rush when eaten together. You can join the anxious line for an order to go or dash through the dumpling assembly line and up a cramped flight of stairs to Gamegol's 2nd floor dining nook (if you can snag a seat). Whether a dumpling newbie or an aficionado, a trip to Gamegol Mandu in Seoul's Namdaeumun Market is certainly worth your time.

Gamegol Son Wangmandu
60-2 Namchang-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul
Seoul Metro: Hoehyeon Station, Exit 6
Tel: +82-02-755-2569
Hours: 8:00AM - 8:00PM